What is the point of pick up?

Would you talk with Blake Lively?

So, what is the point of pick up? Get laid with as many girls as you can? Bring home every girl you met on friday night?

I think pick up is good if you want to improve yourself as person to get more self confidence and independent but you should be yourself because if you try to pretend something who you really aren’t you will get a girl only for one night. Yeah, of course if one night stands is your goal than you can  try to pick up drunk girls… But does it make you happy?

I know sometimes when you trying to pick up girls is very hard to be honest and real version of yourself. Especially if you have experience talking with girls you know what to say to girls, which girls are easy to talk and what jokes they like.

Sometimes you don’t know when you talk with girls where you are real version of yourself and where you are fake.

I like that feeling when I am talking with a girl and I say something really interesting and cool that I am trying to think I am really so cool or it was just fake version of my self?

In conclusion, pick up is the best way to improve yourself and get a girlfriend! If you want to get a girlfriend you need to talk with girls! Go and meet girls. You need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get something you have never had!

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Which celebrities lives in New York City?

Which celebrities lives in New York City?

Have you ever wondered why New York city is so popular even between celebrities? So, I found picture which shows on the map which celebrities and where they lives in New York city. Looks like the most popular borough between celebrities is Manhattan. It’s not a big surprise…

What I like the most that tv serials actors like Neil Patrick Harris from “How I met your mother” and Jennifer Aniston from “Friends” acted in tv serials as new yorkers but in real life they are living in New York City too…

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New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square 2014

New Year's Eve Ball Drop in Times Square 2014

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square 2014

Happy New Year from Times Square ;) As you see in these New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 2014 celebration pictures it was amazing event with more than a million people in Times Square and a billion watching it live at home. This year in Times Square celebration performed many celebrities like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Spider-Man and etc…

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year's  New York City 2014.

I want to wish for everybody happy New Year 2014 ;) I wish that everyone could visit this city even for a day. Never stop dreaming, sometimes dreams come true ;)

You should know that NYC waiting for you. I love quote of Alice Cooper song Big Apple Dreamin’:

Oh, New York, Oh, New York we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming to see what you’re made of
Oh, you can’t be as tough as you sound
Me and my baby, we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming

They’re waiting for you and me, baby

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Beautiful New York City Pictures

Amazing view of Central Park from above.

Amazing view of Central Park from above.

Today I want to show you couple beautiful pictures of New York City. I love to look at pictures of this city. These pictures shows greatness of New York City and inspires me. This city so amazing in these pictures, but in real life everything looks much more better. I know it’s amazing feeling to be part of New York City. You should visit NYC if you want to understand what about I’m talking. It’s amazing feeling to walk in places which you see so many times in movies or read about it in books. Especially when you are visiting NYC first you have a feeling that you already was there and you know everything about it.

I think I am addicted to New York City ;)

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Couple Facts About Living in New York City

Manhattan aerial view.

I want to share with you couple fact about living in NYC. I know living in this city sounds amazing but life is really different that in any other city. So, what looks for you normal thing in NYC it is different or means different things.

So, here is couple fact which sounds stupid for non-yorkers. I believe that somebody thinks that new yorkers are stupid people. What is the point to live in NYC like a homeless guy? When in any other city you could afford a nice house with the same amount of money which you spend in NYC living like a homeless person?

I don’t know but looks like live in shelter like Salvation Army is also kinda cool place to spend a night? Or it’s not easy to get in New York Salvation Army shelter?

After you read this you should think again about living in the Big Apple. Do you think you can afford a real life in this city?

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How New York City Looks Like Without Lights?

New York City  in complete darkness

New York City in complete darkness

Can you imagine what would New York City look like with no lights? Yeah, I know it’s hard to imagine city like New York in complete darkness. But here we have opportunity to see how amazing it look like if it were in darkness without sparkling lights. This city looks always amazing and it’s doesn’t matter if with lights or without lights. Of course these pictures are fake but it’s really cool to see how the city skyline looks at clear night because I think in real life we will never be able to see city skyline entirely free from lights and atmosphere pollution.

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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Dream big

In the beginning was just a blog about New York City but now I decided to change this blog and make it more personal, ofcourse I will write sometimes about New York City but from today this blog will be my personal blog I’m going to write here about more subjects like life challenges and self-improvement. I decided to make this blog more open minded because it seems for me too hard to write about NYC when I don’t live here…

Ofcourse I could create a new blog and write about all other stuff in it but I want to write about everything in one place because it’s more comfortable for me.

So, in this blog I will try to inspire you and motivate to do something and change your life in better.

Did you know that you are amazing creature? You can do everything what you want! You just need to get up and start doing something! You can do anything if you believe in yourself! Everything is possible if you believe and everything is impossible if you don’t.

For example I have a dream to come back to New York City. I believe and I know that I will do this, it’s just a matter of time.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

So, be positive and DREAM BIG!
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Top 10 Christmas Movies Set in New York City

New York City is the place where a lot good Christmas movies have been filmed. Christmas in New York City one of most wonderful times of the year and you can feel that emotions if you watched any movie from this Top 10 Christmas Movies set in New York City. I like to watch this type movies before Christmas because it boost my emotions and it makes me better.

So, decided to create best movies list and I want to share with you the best Christmas Movies. It’s just my opinion but I think you really find something interesting from this list for you or your family.

1. Home Alone II: Lost in New York City

HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York City

Home Alone 2 is one of the best Christmas movies for family. So, in this movie Macaulay Culkin is lost again but in New York City. I love this movie because there you could see a lot of New York famous places like Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel. So, in this movie you can see how Christmas vacations looks in the Big Apple. In my opinion this movie is perfect classical Christmas movie. I definitely recommend it watch it for everybody.

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I will be there this summer

The Empire State Of Mind

The Empire State Of Mind

So, I said somewhere in this blog that I was in New York City 2 years ago and it was amazing experience for me even I had so less time, only couple hours… After amazing summer in USA my flight home was through NYC. So, I landed in JFK airport about 11 am and my flight to Europe was 8 pm.  So, I had a couple hours to go to the city and see something interesting… And everything what I see was exiting, skyscrapers, Empire State Building, Central Park and other stuff.. Yes, I know that I saw a very small part of the city… But what I like about this city the most is that it’s so different and big, you can find in this city whatever you want. New York is like a city with many different cities in it. It was something what I used to see in movies… And before leaving Big Apple I promised to my self that I will come back here one day…

I hope I will be there this summer. I’m trying to find a job for this summer in USA and it looks like I found something. Ofcourse, now everything is unclear about my plans. But I believe if you really want to do something you just need to go for it and you will find out everything what you need in the way ;)