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Neighborhoods of Manhattan

Neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Do you think you know Manhattan well? I found this picture and want to share with you. Check this out! There is all neighborhoods of Manhattan. I really like this picture. Now I know where is TriBeCa and SoHo :) Or where is Upper East Side of Manhattan where lives Gossip Girl… I would like to live somewhere near Central Park that I could see park through my apartments window…

What is your most favorite part of Manhattan? Or you prefer even different borough of New York City?


The History And Development Of Skyscrapers

New York City skyscrapers view

New York City skyscrapers view.

Skyscrapers, as we know them today, have only been possible for around 200 years.  Large buildings are nothing new – the Egyptian pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of Babel are all amazing, tall structures that show how creative mankind can be and how, throughout history, we have been able to fight against the forces of nature and physics.

Skyscrapers, however, are special because they are so tall and yet so narrow. The ancient Egyptians were able to build tall pyramids because they made the bases of the pyramids so broad, and the tips of the buildings were narrower, allowing the weight to spread out across the base.

When American architects attempted to build tall structures in the late 19th century, they soon discovered that the masonry of the day simply wasn’t strong enough to support buildings that were more than seven stories tall.  That all changed when Henry Bessemer came up with a technique for mass-producing steel which could be used to support bigger structures.

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DREAM BIG: New York City

Dream Big

Hello, fellows. I'm very happy that this blog every day is getting more and more readers. I want to do something… Maybe it's gonna be something big and interesting… Who knows? In this world amazing things happens and everything is possible… So, I decided to make a project “DREAM BIG”. It's gonna be a project about my story how I tried to reach my dream to visit New York City. In this blog I will write about my progress and how far away I am from my dream. Let's talk about it…


As you see I'm really in love with New York City. I want to make something big in my life. And maybe here is my chance? I have plans to live couple months in NYC. And write about my experience in my dreams city.  Yeah, it sounds great idea, right? But it isn't so easy for me to do it… Because I am student at this moment with no money and I can't afford such a trip to NYC.  But I have a plan!


I have a plan… And plan is… Make money from blogging! Main idea is to get all money through this blog. Yeah, easy to say but hard to do it… But I want to be example for all people that dreams can come true! You just need to do something to make it happen! And I believe that I can do it. I just need time. Maybe one or two years, maybe more… Who knows? But I will do this!

you have to do something

How much money I need for my trip to New York City?

Let's talk about numbers… For this trip I need to raise $10 000. With this money I think I'll be able to buy plane ticket from Europe to USA and live about two or three months in the Big Apple. It's really big money for me…

What I will do in New York City?

I have a dream to live couple months in the Big Apple and write about my life experience in this blog. I want to feel real new yorker lifestyle and share my feelings with you guys. It would be awesome to make this blog New York City lifestyle journal where would be writing about real people life.

When I'm planning my trip to New York City?

I don't know exactly when but I know that in future I'ill be there in the Big Apple. It would be awesome if I could spend 2014 summer in NYC. Everything is about money in this case. . I think I'll be able to raise enough money until 2014 summer and take trip to NYC. It sounds kinda real thing. So, I put all my hopes on 2014 summer.

Can you help me?

Yes, you can! Social marketing is really big and can make miracles, right? So, please like this blog on facebook and follow, twitter and subscribe RSS feed. I think you want to know when I'll be in the Big Apple? :)

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact me! I would be really happy if I could talk with people who lives in New York City or have something interesting to share with me :)

Oh, New York is waiting for you and me, baby!
New York, we’re coming, to see what you’re made of

Are you as tough as you sound…


Proof of New York City Greatness

This aerial video shows real greatness of New York City. It's amazing how big and powerful looks New York in this video. Maybe many people says that New York is concrete jungles… Yeah, they are right, but a lot of people want to be a part of this concrete jungles where pace is fast and life goes on. This video inspires me to come back to Big Apple and be part of this concrete jungles. This is New York City…

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Chess Players in NYC

Chess Players at Union Square, New York City

Chess Players at Union Square, New York City

There in New York City is a lot of places where you can play a chess game. But most famous places are Central Park and Union Square where you can play a chess game with strangers. If you really chess games you must visit Union Square in NYC. And time doesn't matter. Even during the winter there is many people willing to play nice game. Sometimes you need to pay for your partners if you want to play a game with them. Some people are making money for living just from playing chess games… Maybe, this time isn't the best time for them to make money playing chess during the winter… It's cold outside in Big Apple this week, it's about 9 degrees Fahrenheit…

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New York City Subway Art Video

Here is amazing New York City subway art video by Tim Sessler. So, in this video you can watch a quick tour to subway underground art. Art in New York City subway is really popular. And the most art works are very different style and expression from huge graffiti to little statues. Sometimes you can walk through subway station and see nothing, but if you take a closer look you will definitely find something interesting that can be called art. But sometimes you need somebody to show it for you.

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There is no place like New York City

There is no place like New York City...

There is no place like New York City…

New York City is special city with its own energy that you can't feel anywhere else in the world. Actually you should live in “Big Apple” at least couple years to feel advantages of how amazing feeling is to part of this city.

New York is so big and so different city. It would be hard task to write everything in this one post, actually even write a book wouldn't be enough to describe a city like New York City.

There is no place like New York City because…

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New York City, I like New York City

I found this kinda cool song about NYC by Joey Ramone – New York City. It's a little bit weird but I like this song video clip. I think this video main idea is to show how many different people lives in NYC. Looks like all world fits in New York City…

By the way in this video is featuring local people and local celebrities. So, if you live in “Big Apple” you probably recognize a lot of people, and of course all neighborhoods and famous landmarks of NYC which are well known for everybody.

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New York City Subway Ride Without Pants 2013

Girl rides subway without pants New York City 2013

Girl rides subway without pants New York City 2013

Sounds crazy to be real? But it's really happens in New York City every year. It's called “The No Pants Subway Ride”. It is an annual event staged by Improve Everywhere every January in New York City. I would like to part of this event, it looks like really fun experience. In my opinion it should be allowed to ride subway without pants only for girls and everyday.  What do you think about this event? Would you like to be part of this?

Take a look at pictures…

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