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What Music Listens People in New York City?

Have you ever wondered what kind of music people listens in NYC? So, in this short video you can find out what music people are listening. The man of this video is walking on New York City streets and asking people with headphones what song their are listening to.

It’s interesting that some of these people’s appearances reflect their music style which they are listening. I bet you can really easy guess who listens Bob Marley music in this video 😉

What I like the most about this video that it’s filmed in New York and you can see how many different people lives in this city. Even their music are totally  different styles like Bob Marley, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Korn, Frank Sinatra and Panic at the disco. So, as you see NYC is a place for everybody, it’s doesn’t matter your sex, age,  race or what you like. Everybody can find and express themselves in such open minded city like New York.

I hope I will visit this city in near future and write about it in my blog 😉

Aerial Photos of New York City

Aerial photo of Manhattan, New York City.

Aerial photo of Manhattan, New York City.

It’s really hard to imagine how many tall buildings are in New York City, especially in Manhattan borough. In my opinion these photos shows to us how powerful are people. It’s mankind work to create something special in this world like New York City. Maybe for somebody it is just concentrate jungle but for somebody it is the best place in the world. Can you imagine life in a city like New York? It’s so big city that you can live all your life in this city and never be able to see every part and sightseeing of this city.

So, take a look of couple aerial photos of Manhattan, New York City 😉

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Amazing Photos of New York City Subway Line Constructions

New York City Amazing Photos of  Second Avenue Subway contruction

New York City Amazing Photos of Second Avenue Subway contruction

Right now NYC is doing really big project. Finally after more than 90 years of planning and delays, the Second Avenue Subway Line is the one of the first lines to be built in NYC since 1932. This line should reduce overcrowding and commuter delays on the east side of Manhattan.

This is really big project even for such a big city like New York. And it’s really expensive $4.5 billion! I hope it makes this city much more better place to live for all New Yorkers :)

What do you think about it?

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Some Etiquette facts and tips about New York City


Hello, this blog readers. I found something interesting stuff and want to share with you.

Do you know guys that New York City has different etiquette than other cities? It will be really interesting to know this for newcomers. This guide was made by artist named Nathan Pyle who lives in NYC more than 4 years. So, there is his experience expressed in gif pictures  series.

So, keep calm and visit New York City 😉

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