5 Reasons Why You Should Work In NYC

5 Reasons Why You Should Work In NYC

Living and working in New York City is an experience unmatched anywhere in the world, and for good reason. The city has a tremendous amount unique experiences. With over 7,500 sit-in restaurants, the world’s biggest skyline, and some of the biggest corporations on the planet, it’s hard to dispute that living in the city that never sleeps could be a great place for you to work.

The People
New Yorkers are known for their aspirations. People do not simply move to New York with little ambition, New York is a city for hard-working men and women chasing their dreams. Whether the dream involves working for a large corporation, or creating their own empire you’ll quickly learn that New York is a city of enthusiastic dreamers who never sleep.

The Food
As previously stated, New York City has over 7,500 sit-in restaurants. Growing up in a small town, I was surrounded by the same chain restaurants and limited, poor-quality family-owned restaurants. The first time I visited New York, I was spoiled. There’s something for every budget, diet, palate and time frame! What makes New York dining so amazing is the fact that most of these restaurants aren’t the same chains that we have all previously experienced; they’re unique, one-of-a-kind restaurants.You’ll experience new flavors, culture, and style by exploring the seemingly endless possibilities!

Getting Around
Unlike anywhere else in the country, the New York City subway runs 24/7, and for a relatively low cost. A major concern for people that aspire to work in New York City is how they will drive and park in the world-renowned traffic. The best way to get around New York with no traffic at all is the subway. You’ll rarely experience delays, and you don’t have to sit in traffic for hours or worry about parallel parking in all sorts of awkward spots! Ask any New Yorker – they’ll most likely brag about the convenience of the subway!

Shop Much?
Last but definitely not least, don’t forget about the shopping. New York City has thousands of stores, ranging from major brands such as Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, H&M and more to countless boutiques or family-owned shops where you can snag a super cheap deal on unique items and show them off to your friends. Many stores in New York are themed and are almost museum-like to visit, such as the M&M store and the Toys R’ Us stores in Times Square. But if you’re like me, the real fun in shopping is finding one-of-a-kind stores with super-low prices. I personally love how New York is almost a bunch of small cities, and in each city, you can find all sorts of unique deals.

Living and working in New York City has countless benefits, and is a fun experience overall. You’ll be surrounded be enthusiastic men and women chasing their dreams, thousands of restaurants, and all sorts of fun shops. It would take years to explore it all, so you may as well get started now! New York City is an adventure waiting to happen. Find your fortune!

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