Beautiful New York City Pictures

Amazing view of Central Park from above.

Amazing view of Central Park from above.

Today I want to show you couple beautiful pictures of New York City. I love to look at pictures of this city. These pictures shows greatness of New York City and inspires me. This city so amazing in these pictures, but in real life everything looks much more better. I know it’s amazing feeling to be part of New York City. You should visit NYC if you want to understand what about I’m talking. It’s amazing feeling to walk in places which you see so many times in movies or read about it in books. Especially when you are visiting NYC first you have a feeling that you already was there and you know everything about it.

I think I am addicted to New York City 😉

New York City Bus Broadway.

New York City Bus Broadway.

Everything what I see in New York City looks super cool for me even buses are interesting for me. Maybe because I am not local?


Bryant park at nigth in New York City.

Bryant park at night in New York City.

That’s true that New York is the city which never sleeps. As you see even at night this park is full of people.


Beautiful Autumn in New York City.

Beautiful Autumn in NYC.

This city looks good in all seasons. Actually everything looks big there.


Lighting strike, Liberty Statue, New York City.

Lighting strike, Liberty Statue.

Lighting strike and Liberty statue looks good 😉


View of NYC from above.

View of NYC from above.

It looks scary for me. I couldn’t live in so high build or if I live so high I couldn’t watch through windows.


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  1. Hi. I just wanted to get your permission to use the View of Central Park From Above pic in an Instagram contest.
    I will note your website on my post as well.

    Thank you!

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