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The History And Development Of Skyscrapers

New York City skyscrapers view

New York City skyscrapers view.

Skyscrapers, as we know them today, have only been possible for around 200 years.  Large buildings are nothing new – the Egyptian pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of Babel are all amazing, tall structures that show how creative mankind can be and how, throughout history, we have been able to fight against the forces of nature and physics.

Skyscrapers, however, are special because they are so tall and yet so narrow. The ancient Egyptians were able to build tall pyramids because they made the bases of the pyramids so broad, and the tips of the buildings were narrower, allowing the weight to spread out across the base.

When American architects attempted to build tall structures in the late 19th century, they soon discovered that the masonry of the day simply wasn’t strong enough to support buildings that were more than seven stories tall.  That all changed when Henry Bessemer came up with a technique for mass-producing steel which could be used to support bigger structures.

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Why I love McDonald’s in USA as an European?



Why I love McDonald's in USA as an European?

So, this summer I have amazing experience in United States of America. I really liked USA, but maybe I will talk about that in next my post. So, let's talk about McDonald's. In USA you can see so many fast food restaurants than in any other country… Sometimes you can see couple restaurants in one place, for example it's normal to see McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's in one place. For example in my country, the city where I'm living you can find only 2 McDonald's… When in the same size city in USA you could find at least 10 McDonald's… Yeah, everywhere you go, you see McDonald's…

But what I like the most about McDonald's in USA is price!!! McDonald's is so cheap in USA. Really! You can eat in McDonald's only for $4 – $7… Of course it depends how much cheeseburgers or hamburgers you can eat. But it's definitely cheap…

I hope you know that McDonald's food isn't very healthy and you shouldn't eat in McDonald's too often… cause you are risking to get fat 😀 But sometimes it's really cool place if you want to eat something tasty and fast…

Of course in New York City everything is more expensive…


My amazing experience in USA

Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty.

United States of America is the best country in the world, according by citizens living there. I like that feature of American people to be so proud about their country. I met many people most of them said to me: “I'm proud to be American” or “USA is the best country in the world, I'm happy that me and my kids can live here”… Yeah, sometimes it sounds a little bit annoying…

So, this summer as an European student I have amazing experience to spend my summer in USA and check everything by myself. So, I can say it was one of the best summers in my life. I have opportunity to feel real American life. See things in reality which I watched so many times in movies. Of course I saw many things which was totally weird and sometimes I just think how stupid you should be to do something like that… That's America…

I'm planning to write sometimes about my memories from America in this blog. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories. Actually, I had so many adventures and challenges that I could write a book about my summer in USA… I will blog about my experience in next posts.