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New York pictures from World War II

Statue of Liberty seen with the U.S.S. Lafayette, 1945.

Statue of Liberty seen with the U.S.S. Lafayette, 1945.

New York was one of the main military, production and movement center during World War II. This photo gallery shows what war meant to New York and new yorkers. As you see it looks like that war touched every aspect of life. Harbour of NYC was the place where troops where shipped to Europe. Thanks god that World War II didn’t come physically to America and New York City.
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Abandoned Subway Station in New York City

Abandoned Subway Station in New York City

Abandoned Subway Station in New York City

It’s no surprise that New York City is one of the oldest public transit systems in the world with a lot of abandoned subway stations and most of it are hidden from the public eyes. Some of this abandoned subway stations looks like old art galleries with old architecture from last century which reminds the past. So I want to share with you pictures of one station which was build in 1904 and was fully working until 1945.

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Interactive Map of New York City Shows us difference of 1836 to Today

New York City 1836

Do you know that New York City in 1836 was tatallly different than today? In that time it wasn’t so tight with so many buildings and bridges like today. In this age New York City is real concrete jungles with millions of people living their lifes and it’s really hard to imagine different picture of NYC.

So, I found interesting webpage where it compares New York of 1836 to today.
By the way did you see that New York of 1836 was without central park? Yep, in that time they didn’t plan to build Central Park.

What do you think about this historical discovery of NYC?

The History And Development Of Skyscrapers

New York City skyscrapers view

New York City skyscrapers view.

Skyscrapers, as we know them today, have only been possible for around 200 years.  Large buildings are nothing new – the Egyptian pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of Babel are all amazing, tall structures that show how creative mankind can be and how, throughout history, we have been able to fight against the forces of nature and physics.

Skyscrapers, however, are special because they are so tall and yet so narrow. The ancient Egyptians were able to build tall pyramids because they made the bases of the pyramids so broad, and the tips of the buildings were narrower, allowing the weight to spread out across the base.

When American architects attempted to build tall structures in the late 19th century, they soon discovered that the masonry of the day simply wasn’t strong enough to support buildings that were more than seven stories tall.  That all changed when Henry Bessemer came up with a technique for mass-producing steel which could be used to support bigger structures.

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Old New York City Video (1949)

What do you think about New York City of 1949? Do you think it was very different if we compare it with today’s New York City?

This video shows for you that 64 years doesn’t change New York City very much. Most of the stuff in the city is still the same as the were built. So, New York City is really old. But the Big Apple is still one of most attractive and modern cities in the world.

It’s hard to believe that NYC was so modern city in 1949. Right?