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Top Songs About New York City

Empire State Of Mind

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. So, it’s totally ok, that we have a lot of songs which are dedicated for this amazing city. I think NYC is making a huge influence for all artist from all around the world whose had opportunity to spent some time in a such city like New York 😉 That’s the reason why it’s called the Empire State of Mind 😉

Actually we have so many music songs about New York that it would be really hard task for me to listen all these songs… If I would like to listen all songs about this city I should dedicate all week only for listening music… There is a full list of all music about New York City. What do you think? It really crazy that there is a list of song only about one city. So, while some of us are so far away from New York… Let’s listen music and dream about it…

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What Music Listens People in New York City?

Have you ever wondered what kind of music people listens in NYC? So, in this short video you can find out what music people are listening. The man of this video is walking on New York City streets and asking people with headphones what song their are listening to.

It’s interesting that some of these people’s appearances reflect their music style which they are listening. I bet you can really easy guess who listens Bob Marley music in this video 😉

What I like the most about this video that it’s filmed in New York and you can see how many different people lives in this city. Even their music are totally  different styles like Bob Marley, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Korn, Frank Sinatra and Panic at the disco. So, as you see NYC is a place for everybody, it’s doesn’t matter your sex, age,  race or what you like. Everybody can find and express themselves in such open minded city like New York.

I hope I will visit this city in near future and write about it in my blog 😉

New York City, I like New York City

I found this kinda cool song about NYC by Joey Ramone – New York City. It's a little bit weird but I like this song video clip. I think this video main idea is to show how many different people lives in NYC. Looks like all world fits in New York City…

By the way in this video is featuring local people and local celebrities. So, if you live in “Big Apple” you probably recognize a lot of people, and of course all neighborhoods and famous landmarks of NYC which are well known for everybody.

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