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New York City Vs. Everywhere Else

Short video with couple interesting facts about New York City.

Yep, New York for new yorkers is a centre of universe, despite the fact that it New York is only 18th most populous city in the world. I believe that some people spend all their life in city without leaving city limits.

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Can you imagine New York City in 1928?

Can you imagine New York City in 1928? I found this cool video and I want to share with you 😉

As you NYC was really cool city as it is today. Looks like nothing changed in NYC from 1928 except that today we have more shining lights and taller buildings. But in my opinion it was much more interesting 1928… Maybe because I like history and old stuff. I just think how amazing people are that we can build such cities like New York City… This city is a living history of human creativity…

By the way bad drivers and huge traffic always was part of New York City ;D

If you know more interesting videos about Big Apple share it with me in comments 😉

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Manchester City Soccer Players Comes to New York City

Can imagine that Manchecter City soccer (or football how you say in Europe) players one day will come to New York City? 😉 Football stars from Mancherster City came to New York to film a spectacular video to celebrate the creation of New York City Football Club. Manchester City is helping New York with their own soccer club, but they should let NYCFC have their own identity. But it’s ok… They need to mo promote soccer more in United States. And I like that Manchester City is becoming world football club!


So, I can’t wait to see New York City football team playing live.

Casual day of Window Cleaner in New York City

What is casual day of window cleaner in NYC? To be window cleaner in New York sounds as really dangerous job because you need to work in tall buildings and skyscrapers. For example, man in this video, Brent Weingard has worked dirt and grime high above Big Apple for more than 35 years and looks like he really like his job. You must fearless if you want work in this job. So, this job isn’t for everyone. Well, I hope it’s well paid job 😉

Could you work as window cleaner in New York? 😉

What Music Listens People in New York City?

Have you ever wondered what kind of music people listens in NYC? So, in this short video you can find out what music people are listening. The man of this video is walking on New York City streets and asking people with headphones what song their are listening to.

It’s interesting that some of these people’s appearances reflect their music style which they are listening. I bet you can really easy guess who listens Bob Marley music in this video 😉

What I like the most about this video that it’s filmed in New York and you can see how many different people lives in this city. Even their music are totally  different styles like Bob Marley, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Korn, Frank Sinatra and Panic at the disco. So, as you see NYC is a place for everybody, it’s doesn’t matter your sex, age,  race or what you like. Everybody can find and express themselves in such open minded city like New York.

I hope I will visit this city in near future and write about it in my blog 😉

Proof of New York City Greatness

This aerial video shows real greatness of New York City. It's amazing how big and powerful looks New York in this video. Maybe many people says that New York is concrete jungles… Yeah, they are right, but a lot of people want to be a part of this concrete jungles where pace is fast and life goes on. This video inspires me to come back to Big Apple and be part of this concrete jungles. This is New York City…

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New York City Subway Art Video

Here is amazing New York City subway art video by Tim Sessler. So, in this video you can watch a quick tour to subway underground art. Art in New York City subway is really popular. And the most art works are very different style and expression from huge graffiti to little statues. Sometimes you can walk through subway station and see nothing, but if you take a closer look you will definitely find something interesting that can be called art. But sometimes you need somebody to show it for you.

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New York City, I like New York City

I found this kinda cool song about NYC by Joey Ramone – New York City. It's a little bit weird but I like this song video clip. I think this video main idea is to show how many different people lives in NYC. Looks like all world fits in New York City…

By the way in this video is featuring local people and local celebrities. So, if you live in “Big Apple” you probably recognize a lot of people, and of course all neighborhoods and famous landmarks of NYC which are well known for everybody.

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Old New York City Video (1949)

What do you think about New York City of 1949? Do you think it was very different if we compare it with today’s New York City?

This video shows for you that 64 years doesn’t change New York City very much. Most of the stuff in the city is still the same as the were built. So, New York City is really old. But the Big Apple is still one of most attractive and modern cities in the world.

It’s hard to believe that NYC was so modern city in 1949. Right?