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I will be there this summer

The Empire State Of Mind

The Empire State Of Mind

So, I said somewhere in this blog that I was in New York City 2 years ago and it was amazing experience for me even I had so less time, only couple hours… After amazing summer in USA my flight home was through NYC. So, I landed in JFK airport about 11 am and my flight to Europe was 8 pm.  So, I had a couple hours to go to the city and see something interesting… And everything what I see was exiting, skyscrapers, Empire State Building, Central Park and other stuff.. Yes, I know that I saw a very small part of the city… But what I like about this city the most is that it’s so different and big, you can find in this city whatever you want. New York is like a city with many different cities in it. It was something what I used to see in movies… And before leaving Big Apple I promised to my self that I will come back here one day…

I hope I will be there this summer. I’m trying to find a job for this summer in USA and it looks like I found something. Ofcourse, now everything is unclear about my plans. But I believe if you really want to do something you just need to go for it and you will find out everything what you need in the way 😉

Main NYC Christmas tree lights on in Rockefeller Center

Christmas tree lights onin Rockeffeler Center.

Christmas tree lights on in Rockefeller Center.


Now we can feel Christmas mood everywhere. Yesterday was turned on Christmas tree lights in New York. It was big a celebration, thousand people watched ceremony in Rockefeller Center. Also this celebration was watched by millions on TV.

By the way this holiday season Christmas tree lighting ceremony is tradition since 1933.

So, the tree is really beautiful and if you will be in Manhattan you must come to see it 😉

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Christmas It’s A Most Beautiful Time Of The Year in New York City

Christmas in New York City 1985

Christmas in New York City (1985)

I want to share with you couple photos of New York City Christmas celebration from old times till today.. In this photo gallery you can see how beautiful Christmas are in NYC. Looks like this city always was the best place to celebrate Christmas. What do you think about Christmas in New York? I think it would be amazing to be part of this on such time like Christmas… In my opinion Christmas it’s a most beautiful time of the year in New York City and it’s impossible to express that in words, you need to feel it…

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Manchester City Soccer Players Comes to New York City

Can imagine that Manchecter City soccer (or football how you say in Europe) players one day will come to New York City? 😉 Football stars from Mancherster City came to New York to film a spectacular video to celebrate the creation of New York City Football Club. Manchester City is helping New York with their own soccer club, but they should let NYCFC have their own identity. But it’s ok… They need to mo promote soccer more in United States. And I like that Manchester City is becoming world football club!


So, I can’t wait to see New York City football team playing live.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work In NYC

5 Reasons Why You Should Work In NYC

Living and working in New York City is an experience unmatched anywhere in the world, and for good reason. The city has a tremendous amount unique experiences. With over 7,500 sit-in restaurants, the world’s biggest skyline, and some of the biggest corporations on the planet, it’s hard to dispute that living in the city that never sleeps could be a great place for you to work.

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Street food in New York. What would you like to eat?

 New York City Hotdog Stand

Today I want to blog about New York City life. So, if you would be in street of Big Apple right now, what would you like to eat? You know that this city is famous also for street food(like hotdogs, etc.) and not only for really good restaurants. The best thing about New York is that you can try food from all around the world just buying it in street. Buy food in streets is really popular because of fast pace New York life and also food in streets is cheap and tasty 😉

Do you know that New York is so big city that you can eat everyday in different place for all your life and still not eat at all restaurants in New York?
That is the best thing what I like about this city. You can live all your live there and always find something new…

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Interactive Map of New York City Shows us difference of 1836 to Today

New York City 1836

Do you know that New York City in 1836 was tatallly different than today? In that time it wasn’t so tight with so many buildings and bridges like today. In this age New York City is real concrete jungles with millions of people living their lifes and it’s really hard to imagine different picture of NYC.

So, I found interesting webpage where it compares New York of 1836 to today.
By the way did you see that New York of 1836 was without central park? Yep, in that time they didn’t plan to build Central Park.

What do you think about this historical discovery of NYC?

Worst Apartments to Rent

Chinatown, Manhattan. $380.00(Room is a bed)

Chinatown, Manhattan. $380.00(Room is a bed)

Today I found interesting website with a lot of photos of worst apartments to rent in New York City. You know that renting prices in Big Apple are really high… I don’t know how somebody should live in apartments like that… but everything is about money so it’s kinda good deal 😉 So, how it looks for you? For me as I am not very rich and  I just want to spend couple months in New York… So, I think I can live for a while in places like that. But not for all my life.

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Five Tips For Moving To New York City

moving to new york city

A recent article in the Huffington Post talks about an increase in the number of people moving into New York City (NYC). Everyone seems to want to be a part of the exciting life offered by the bustling city. That said, newcomers can be really intimidated by the fast pace of life in the city, almost making them want to take the next flight or bus back home! Here are five tips for those who are planning to make the city their home.

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The Best Way To Deal With Parking In NYC On The Weekends

Icon #1

There are many reasons that taxis are often the preferred means of transportation in New York City. With over 8 million people packed into a relatively small area, space is at a premium. Driving in New York City is often hard due to the congestion on the streets. Some people think that walking is often the fastest way to get around, but if the distance you have to travel is too far, you will often turn to a taxi to get around. If you live and work in NYC, a taxi may be the only form of transportation that you need.

What to Do?

The only problem is what you will do if you want to get out of the city for the weekend or if you live somewhere else and want to spend the weekend in the city. In those cases the solution is to have a car. The problem then switches from how you get someplace to what to do with your car when you are not driving it. You need to have an idea of what parking in New York City is like.

The cost of parking in the City is not always cheap. Some people spend as much paying for the parking space for their car as they do for the home they live in. If you want to park in New York City on the weekends and still have money left over to do something else, consider a few basic tips.

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