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Casual day of Window Cleaner in New York City

What is casual day of window cleaner in NYC? To be window cleaner in New York sounds as really dangerous job because you need to work in tall buildings and skyscrapers. For example, man in this video, Brent Weingard has worked dirt and grime high above Big Apple for more than 35 years and looks like he really like his job. You must fearless if you want work in this job. So, this job isn’t for everyone. Well, I hope it’s well paid job 😉

Could you work as window cleaner in New York? 😉

Safety Tips For Living In New York City

New York at Night

New York at Night

New York is a large metropolitan city with an estimated population of more than 8 million people. Among the list of top ten largest cities in the United States, the city of New York is cited as a safe place to live. Although it was known for its high crime, that statistic has dropped by more than 50 per cent in the past decade. However, robbers, swindlers and panhandlers are everywhere and especially targeting the out-of-towner and visitors. With awareness, street smarts and common sense, you can live a normal, safe and happy life in this legendary, opportunistic city.

New York City Amenities

New York City is full of creativity, energy and influence by people of all walks of life around the world. Opportunities lie around every corner in this city known for globalization and international collaboration. At least one-third of all residents come from all over the universe because of all the amenities available that make New York City a comfortable place to live.

Neighboring municipalities include the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. New York City draws many aspiring artists and performers and an array of other cultural contributions. Some of the artistic galleries include Tribeca Spring Festival in lower Manhattan and the Soho street art along with other venues like the Metropolitan Opera, Metropolitan Museum, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, New York City and American Ballet theatres plus the Joyce Theatre in Chelsea. New York City also offers vast choices in higher education and a sampling of all types of food cultures.

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Top Songs About New York City

Empire State Of Mind

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. So, it’s totally ok, that we have a lot of songs which are dedicated for this amazing city. I think NYC is making a huge influence for all artist from all around the world whose had opportunity to spent some time in a such city like New York 😉 That’s the reason why it’s called the Empire State of Mind 😉

Actually we have so many music songs about New York that it would be really hard task for me to listen all these songs… If I would like to listen all songs about this city I should dedicate all week only for listening music… There is a full list of all music about New York City. What do you think? It really crazy that there is a list of song only about one city. So, while some of us are so far away from New York… Let’s listen music and dream about it…

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Summer of 1969 in New York City Photos

New York City photos, Summer of 1969

Summertime Photo of New York City

I found couple photos of New York City and I want to share it with you guys because I really like these photos. Looks like New York was always really cool place to live. Time can’t change spirit of this city. I think summertime in New York is a little bit different than in any other city… Looks like life moves slower and everyone is more relaxed in summer 😉

By the way looks like New York was friendly city for hippies because I can see a lot of hippies in these photos. Or it is just fashion of that time? Anyway I love fashion of that time.

Now, looks like New York is more hipster friendly city.

Actually, in my opinion New York is friendly for everybody, but you must like this city. New York City is old city with his own traditions and strangeness… So, if you don’t like this city you gonna have a hard time 😉

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Can you imagine how should look Manhattan in Grand Canyon or Death Valley?

Merged together New York City, Grand Canyon and Death Valley.


Can you imagine how should look Manhattan in Grand Canyon or Death Valley?

Europian photographer Gus Petro made project called “Empty, Dense, Merge” about his experience travel experience in USA.

Gus Petro travelled to NYC and was shocked about its density and how many people lives there, than he travelled to Death Valley and Grand Canyon and was shocked again about emptiness of that places. So, after his travels he merged two very different place into one picture.

Manhattan is the place where everyone wants to live and places like Grand Canyon or Death Valley is tottaly empty and unlivable.

Want to see how should look New York City in Grand Canyon or Death Valey?

Take a look at this artist work how he created different image of Big Apple.

And what do you think? For me it looks really amazing art of photography…

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Real Half Life Game Scenes in New York City

new york city half life

Can you imagine that somethere in this world is place which looks like level from Half Life game? Yes, this place exist, and you are right this place is in New York City.

New York is on a huge project to build the extension of the No. 7 line to 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan.

So, just take a look at pictures. What do you think? It looks like game scene from Half Life but in real life. And ofcoures the graphics are much more better in real life 😉

What you can say about that? By the way we can finally see that there really is going to be a subway line because couple months ago it was only a huge hole in the ground 😉 And it’s going to be finished next summer. I hope this new subway line will make New York City the best city in the world to live. It looks really inspiring for me how people can create a such amazing things like that  :)

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What Music Listens People in New York City?

Have you ever wondered what kind of music people listens in NYC? So, in this short video you can find out what music people are listening. The man of this video is walking on New York City streets and asking people with headphones what song their are listening to.

It’s interesting that some of these people’s appearances reflect their music style which they are listening. I bet you can really easy guess who listens Bob Marley music in this video 😉

What I like the most about this video that it’s filmed in New York and you can see how many different people lives in this city. Even their music are totally  different styles like Bob Marley, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Korn, Frank Sinatra and Panic at the disco. So, as you see NYC is a place for everybody, it’s doesn’t matter your sex, age,  race or what you like. Everybody can find and express themselves in such open minded city like New York.

I hope I will visit this city in near future and write about it in my blog 😉

Aerial Photos of New York City

Aerial photo of Manhattan, New York City.

Aerial photo of Manhattan, New York City.

It’s really hard to imagine how many tall buildings are in New York City, especially in Manhattan borough. In my opinion these photos shows to us how powerful are people. It’s mankind work to create something special in this world like New York City. Maybe for somebody it is just concentrate jungle but for somebody it is the best place in the world. Can you imagine life in a city like New York? It’s so big city that you can live all your life in this city and never be able to see every part and sightseeing of this city.

So, take a look of couple aerial photos of Manhattan, New York City 😉

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Amazing Photos of New York City Subway Line Constructions

New York City Amazing Photos of  Second Avenue Subway contruction

New York City Amazing Photos of Second Avenue Subway contruction

Right now NYC is doing really big project. Finally after more than 90 years of planning and delays, the Second Avenue Subway Line is the one of the first lines to be built in NYC since 1932. This line should reduce overcrowding and commuter delays on the east side of Manhattan.

This is really big project even for such a big city like New York. And it’s really expensive $4.5 billion! I hope it makes this city much more better place to live for all New Yorkers :)

What do you think about it?

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Some Etiquette facts and tips about New York City


Hello, this blog readers. I found something interesting stuff and want to share with you.

Do you know guys that New York City has different etiquette than other cities? It will be really interesting to know this for newcomers. This guide was made by artist named Nathan Pyle who lives in NYC more than 4 years. So, there is his experience expressed in gif pictures  series.

So, keep calm and visit New York City 😉

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