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Main NYC Christmas tree lights on in Rockefeller Center

Christmas tree lights onin Rockeffeler Center.

Christmas tree lights on in Rockefeller Center.


Now we can feel Christmas mood everywhere. Yesterday was turned on Christmas tree lights in New York. It was big a celebration, thousand people watched ceremony in Rockefeller Center. Also this celebration was watched by millions on TV.

By the way this holiday season Christmas tree lighting ceremony is tradition since 1933.

So, the tree is really beautiful and if you will be in Manhattan you must come to see it 😉

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Real Half Life Game Scenes in New York City

new york city half life

Can you imagine that somethere in this world is place which looks like level from Half Life game? Yes, this place exist, and you are right this place is in New York City.

New York is on a huge project to build the extension of the No. 7 line to 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan.

So, just take a look at pictures. What do you think? It looks like game scene from Half Life but in real life. And ofcoures the graphics are much more better in real life 😉

What you can say about that? By the way we can finally see that there really is going to be a subway line because couple months ago it was only a huge hole in the ground 😉 And it’s going to be finished next summer. I hope this new subway line will make New York City the best city in the world to live. It looks really inspiring for me how people can create a such amazing things like that  :)

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Amazing Photos of New York City Subway Line Constructions

New York City Amazing Photos of  Second Avenue Subway contruction

New York City Amazing Photos of Second Avenue Subway contruction

Right now NYC is doing really big project. Finally after more than 90 years of planning and delays, the Second Avenue Subway Line is the one of the first lines to be built in NYC since 1932. This line should reduce overcrowding and commuter delays on the east side of Manhattan.

This is really big project even for such a big city like New York. And it’s really expensive $4.5 billion! I hope it makes this city much more better place to live for all New Yorkers :)

What do you think about it?

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New York City Subway Ride Without Pants 2013

Girl rides subway without pants New York City 2013

Girl rides subway without pants New York City 2013

Sounds crazy to be real? But it's really happens in New York City every year. It's called “The No Pants Subway Ride”. It is an annual event staged by Improve Everywhere every January in New York City. I would like to part of this event, it looks like really fun experience. In my opinion it should be allowed to ride subway without pants only for girls and everyday.  What do you think about this event? Would you like to be part of this?

Take a look at pictures…

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