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What’s going on?

Hello guys,

I bet nobody is reading this blog so I can write there whatever I want.

So, how everything is going on?

I just trying to think any interesting stuff I could share with you…

Ok, I have no ideas what I could write today.

See you later 😉


New York City View from a Helicopter

Fifth Avenue Residence, View of Central Park.

Fifth Avenue Residence, View of Central Park.

I found amazing gallery of New York City aerial photos taken at night from a helicopter. It’s amazing how beautiful is this city.

I just want to know what feeling is to live in apartments like in a picture above this text? When you can see such amazing view from your windows? I would do anything for opportunity to have a chance to live there.

Author of these photos is Evan Joseph. Evan Joseph said about this project:

“I wanted to avoid the usual ‘field of stars on black’ look that other night aerials have, and solving that puzzle was very satisfying. Printing the photographs very large and seeing them displayed was especially fun, as the equipment I used has yielded so much detail you can almost see people in their apartments.”

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I want to wish for everybody happy New Year 2014 😉 I wish that everyone could visit this city even for a day. Never stop dreaming, sometimes dreams come true 😉

You should know that NYC waiting for you. I love quote of Alice Cooper song Big Apple Dreamin':

Oh, New York, Oh, New York we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming to see what you’re made of
Oh, you can’t be as tough as you sound
Me and my baby, we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming

They’re waiting for you and me, baby

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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Dream big

In the beginning was just a blog about New York City but now I decided to change this blog and make it more personal, ofcourse I will write sometimes about New York City but from today this blog will be my personal blog I’m going to write here about more subjects like life challenges and self-improvement. I decided to make this blog more open minded because it seems for me too hard to write about NYC when I don’t live here…

Ofcourse I could create a new blog and write about all other stuff in it but I want to write about everything in one place because it’s more comfortable for me.

So, in this blog I will try to inspire you and motivate to do something and change your life in better.

Did you know that you are amazing creature? You can do everything what you want! You just need to get up and start doing something! You can do anything if you believe in yourself! Everything is possible if you believe and everything is impossible if you don’t.

For example I have a dream to come back to New York City. I believe and I know that I will do this, it’s just a matter of time.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

So, be positive and DREAM BIG!
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I will be there this summer

The Empire State Of Mind

The Empire State Of Mind

So, I said somewhere in this blog that I was in New York City 2 years ago and it was amazing experience for me even I had so less time, only couple hours… After amazing summer in USA my flight home was through NYC. So, I landed in JFK airport about 11 am and my flight to Europe was 8 pm.  So, I had a couple hours to go to the city and see something interesting… And everything what I see was exiting, skyscrapers, Empire State Building, Central Park and other stuff.. Yes, I know that I saw a very small part of the city… But what I like about this city the most is that it’s so different and big, you can find in this city whatever you want. New York is like a city with many different cities in it. It was something what I used to see in movies… And before leaving Big Apple I promised to my self that I will come back here one day…

I hope I will be there this summer. I’m trying to find a job for this summer in USA and it looks like I found something. Ofcourse, now everything is unclear about my plans. But I believe if you really want to do something you just need to go for it and you will find out everything what you need in the way 😉

Five Tips For Moving To New York City

moving to new york city

A recent article in the Huffington Post talks about an increase in the number of people moving into New York City (NYC). Everyone seems to want to be a part of the exciting life offered by the bustling city. That said, newcomers can be really intimidated by the fast pace of life in the city, almost making them want to take the next flight or bus back home! Here are five tips for those who are planning to make the city their home.

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New York Documentary about Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan,New York City 1932

Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan,New York City 1932

The Chrysler Building is one of the best known building in New York City build in 1930. It is really beautiful building with his own history. At that when it was building, there was a big competition who to build the world's highest building in New York City. In 1930—1931 it was highest building in New York City, 1,200-foot (365.8 m) tall. Sadly, not for long time because in 1931 was built Empire State Building which in the tallest build at this time in NYC.

This amazing building was designed by William Van Alen for a project of Walter P. Chrysler. The Chrysler Building has a lot of art deco details like roof and ornamentation at the crown and is one of the best art deco interpretation in United States.

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DREAM BIG: New York City

Dream Big

Hello, fellows. I'm very happy that this blog every day is getting more and more readers. I want to do something… Maybe it's gonna be something big and interesting… Who knows? In this world amazing things happens and everything is possible… So, I decided to make a project “DREAM BIG”. It's gonna be a project about my story how I tried to reach my dream to visit New York City. In this blog I will write about my progress and how far away I am from my dream. Let's talk about it…


As you see I'm really in love with New York City. I want to make something big in my life. And maybe here is my chance? I have plans to live couple months in NYC. And write about my experience in my dreams city.  Yeah, it sounds great idea, right? But it isn't so easy for me to do it… Because I am student at this moment with no money and I can't afford such a trip to NYC.  But I have a plan!


I have a plan… And plan is… Make money from blogging! Main idea is to get all money through this blog. Yeah, easy to say but hard to do it… But I want to be example for all people that dreams can come true! You just need to do something to make it happen! And I believe that I can do it. I just need time. Maybe one or two years, maybe more… Who knows? But I will do this!

you have to do something

How much money I need for my trip to New York City?

Let's talk about numbers… For this trip I need to raise $10 000. With this money I think I'll be able to buy plane ticket from Europe to USA and live about two or three months in the Big Apple. It's really big money for me…

What I will do in New York City?

I have a dream to live couple months in the Big Apple and write about my life experience in this blog. I want to feel real new yorker lifestyle and share my feelings with you guys. It would be awesome to make this blog New York City lifestyle journal where would be writing about real people life.

When I'm planning my trip to New York City?

I don't know exactly when but I know that in future I'ill be there in the Big Apple. It would be awesome if I could spend 2014 summer in NYC. Everything is about money in this case. . I think I'll be able to raise enough money until 2014 summer and take trip to NYC. It sounds kinda real thing. So, I put all my hopes on 2014 summer.

Can you help me?

Yes, you can! Social marketing is really big and can make miracles, right? So, please like this blog on facebook and follow, twitter and subscribe RSS feed. I think you want to know when I'll be in the Big Apple? :)

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact me! I would be really happy if I could talk with people who lives in New York City or have something interesting to share with me :)

Oh, New York is waiting for you and me, baby!
New York, we’re coming, to see what you’re made of

Are you as tough as you sound…


Merry Christmas Everyone

Take a look how beautiful New York City is on a Christmas season. I wish to spend my next Christmas in New York City. There you can feel true Christmas spirit.

So, this is Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone… and happy New Year…


Why I love McDonald’s in USA as an European?



Why I love McDonald's in USA as an European?

So, this summer I have amazing experience in United States of America. I really liked USA, but maybe I will talk about that in next my post. So, let's talk about McDonald's. In USA you can see so many fast food restaurants than in any other country… Sometimes you can see couple restaurants in one place, for example it's normal to see McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's in one place. For example in my country, the city where I'm living you can find only 2 McDonald's… When in the same size city in USA you could find at least 10 McDonald's… Yeah, everywhere you go, you see McDonald's…

But what I like the most about McDonald's in USA is price!!! McDonald's is so cheap in USA. Really! You can eat in McDonald's only for $4 – $7… Of course it depends how much cheeseburgers or hamburgers you can eat. But it's definitely cheap…

I hope you know that McDonald's food isn't very healthy and you shouldn't eat in McDonald's too often… cause you are risking to get fat 😀 But sometimes it's really cool place if you want to eat something tasty and fast…

Of course in New York City everything is more expensive…