Couple Facts About Living in New York City

Manhattan bird's eye view

Manhattan bird’s eye view

I want to share with you couple fact about living in NYC. I know living in this city sounds amazing but life is really different that in any other city. So, what looks for you normal thing in NYC it is different or means different things.

So, here is couple fact which sounds stupid for non-yorkers. I believe that somebody thinks that new yorkers are stupid people. What is the point to live in NYC like a homeless guy? When in any other city you could afford a nice house with the same amount of money which you spend in NYC living like a homeless person?

I don’t know but looks like live in shelter like Salvation Army is also kinda cool place to spend a night? Or it’s not easy to get in New York Salvation Army shelter?

After you read this you should think again about living in the Big Apple. Do you think you can afford a real life in this city?

Fact #1: Rent is ridiculously expensive.

So, do you have any idea what you can rent for $1,600 a month in Manhattan? I bet in any other city you can rent something really nice, but not in Manhattan. So, this picture shows you what you can get for $1,600 a month in Manhattan. So, this is the price you pay for privilege to live in Upper East Side.
Rent is expensive in NYC


Fact #2: What means cozy in New York?
Do you have any idea what means cozy? You may think that it means a nice little one bedroom apartments, but not in NYC. Actually, it means that you can probably touch your fridge from your bed. Yeah, there hundreds of apartments like this in this city. And it’s only about 250 square feet. And price for this “cozy” apartments starts from $1,000 a month. So, if you are looking a place like go to craiglist and choose what you like or less “cozy” apartment 😉
cozy room in New York

Fact #3: Manhattan is simply “The City”.
No mattar who you are a rich banker or cab driver there is only one city in New York. Manhattan is “The City” for everyone. That is the place where everyone goes. So, you no need to know more about NYC 😉

Manhattan is the city.


One comment on “Couple Facts About Living in New York City

  1. yeah, this true 😉 But NYC is the best damn city in the world 😉 I don’t want to live anywhere else but in New York 😉 It’s my empire state of mind…

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