Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I want to wish for everybody happy New Year 2014 😉 I wish that everyone could visit this city even for a day. Never stop dreaming, sometimes dreams come true 😉

You should know that NYC waiting for you. I love quote of Alice Cooper song Big Apple Dreamin':

Oh, New York, Oh, New York we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming to see what you’re made of
Oh, you can’t be as tough as you sound
Me and my baby, we’re coming
Oh, we’re coming

They’re waiting for you and me, baby

We are counting last hours of 2013. Everybody is preparing to celebrate New Year’s. So, before we hit 2014 we should remember what happened in Times Square when we hit 2013. That was amazing and I believe that we are going to see tonight in Times Square something even more amazing. But if you can’t be tonight in Times Square you can watch live webcast of New Years celebration from Times Square in this live stream website.

Also I want to say thank you for reading my blog. I hope in 2014 this blog will be much more interesting 😉


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