Interesting photo blog about New York City


This morning I was just surfing in the internet and I found one really interesting blog about New York City… I'm Just Walkin' it's a blog about person who is  going to walk every public street in all five boroughs of New York City  and take photos  of  everything what attract his attention.

I like this blog because in this blog photos you can see how real New York City looks. Everybody knows how looks Manhattan, but do you know how looks other side, maybe I should say dark side, or just normal part of the city without  shining lights and crowded streets? In this blog you can see huge contrast about New York City from big shining streets with skyscrapers to dirty streets with poor houses. Yeah, New York is contrast city where you can see everything.

In New York you can find everything what you want…  New York is city of opportunities. It's big and shining, sometimes in some parts dark and scary… 😀


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