Manchester City Soccer Players Comes to New York City

Can imagine that Manchecter City soccer (or football how you say in Europe) players one day will come to New York City? 😉 Football stars from Mancherster City came to New York to film a spectacular video to celebrate the creation of New York City Football Club. Manchester City is helping New York with their own soccer club, but they should let NYCFC have their own identity. But it’s ok… They need to mo promote soccer more in United States. And I like that Manchester City is becoming world football club!


So, I can’t wait to see New York City football team playing live.


One comment on “Manchester City Soccer Players Comes to New York City

  1. That’s awesome 😉 I am a big fun of Manchester United 😉 I hope Manchester City club stars performs sometimes in New York City or maybe they could play friendly match with NYCFC :) I hope soccer will be more popular in USA after this step of Man City to USA 😉

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