New York City Darkness Photos After the Storm

New York City Darkness Photos After the Storm

New York City Darkness Photos After the Storm

Can you imagine New York City totally dark, without shining lights and advertises ? Yeah, I think it’s really hard when you used to see it bright and shining… New York always was one of the most spectacular cities in the world… You know it’s amazing view to see this city from above or just walk through the city in dark night and see how alive and bright is New York City. But sometimes bad things happens. I think everybody remembers hurricane Sandy which was one of the most powerful storms in history which hit New York City. Sandy made a lot of damage for the city but “Big Apple” recovered kinda fast.

So, the night after Sandy hit New York, and Manhattan was completely in the dark, no street lights, no lights in skyscraper apartments, no taxis… And it was perfect time for photographer Randy Scott Slavin to make amazing photos. He made long-exposure photos where New York City looks like ghost town.

New York City is always spectacular doesn’t matter it’s dark or bright, take a look at the photos…


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