New York City Subway Art Video

Here is amazing New York City subway art video by Tim Sessler. So, in this video you can watch a quick tour to subway underground art. Art in New York City subway is really popular. And the most art works are very different style and expression from huge graffiti to little statues. Sometimes you can walk through subway station and see nothing, but if you take a closer look you will definitely find something interesting that can be called art. But sometimes you need somebody to show it for you.

So, what do you think about New York City Subway Art? And in your opinion which part of NYC has the best subway art? And maybe you remember any subway station where you have seen something what was really interesting for you?


3 comments on “New York City Subway Art Video

  1. Everybody should visit Grand Central Terminal. There is a lot of things to see. Maybe it’s not “underground” art but it’s really worth to see…

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