New York Documentary about Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan,New York City 1932

Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan,New York City 1932

The Chrysler Building is one of the best known building in New York City build in 1930. It is really beautiful building with his own history. At that when it was building, there was a big competition who to build the world's highest building in New York City. In 1930—1931 it was highest building in New York City, 1,200-foot (365.8 m) tall. Sadly, not for long time because in 1931 was built Empire State Building which in the tallest build at this time in NYC.

This amazing building was designed by William Van Alen for a project of Walter P. Chrysler. The Chrysler Building has a lot of art deco details like roof and ornamentation at the crown and is one of the best art deco interpretation in United States.

Here is short New York City documentary  video about how was build Chrysler Building.


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