Real Half Life Game Scenes in New York City

new york city half life

Can you imagine that somethere in this world is place which looks like level from Half Life game? Yes, this place exist, and you are right this place is in New York City.

New York is on a huge project to build the extension of the No. 7 line to 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan.

So, just take a look at pictures. What do you think? It looks like game scene from Half Life but in real life. And ofcoures the graphics are much more better in real life 😉

What you can say about that? By the way we can finally see that there really is going to be a subway line because couple months ago it was only a huge hole in the ground 😉 And it’s going to be finished next summer. I hope this new subway line will make New York City the best city in the world to live. It looks really inspiring for me how people can create a such amazing things like that  :)

Even more photos how progress continues on the extension of the No. 7 you can find here.


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