Safety Tips For Living In New York City

New York at Night

New York at Night

New York is a large metropolitan city with an estimated population of more than 8 million people. Among the list of top ten largest cities in the United States, the city of New York is cited as a safe place to live. Although it was known for its high crime, that statistic has dropped by more than 50 per cent in the past decade. However, robbers, swindlers and panhandlers are everywhere and especially targeting the out-of-towner and visitors. With awareness, street smarts and common sense, you can live a normal, safe and happy life in this legendary, opportunistic city.

New York City Amenities

New York City is full of creativity, energy and influence by people of all walks of life around the world. Opportunities lie around every corner in this city known for globalization and international collaboration. At least one-third of all residents come from all over the universe because of all the amenities available that make New York City a comfortable place to live.

Neighboring municipalities include the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. New York City draws many aspiring artists and performers and an array of other cultural contributions. Some of the artistic galleries include Tribeca Spring Festival in lower Manhattan and the Soho street art along with other venues like the Metropolitan Opera, Metropolitan Museum, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, New York City and American Ballet theatres plus the Joyce Theatre in Chelsea. New York City also offers vast choices in higher education and a sampling of all types of food cultures.

Possible Perils to Be Aware of in NYC

You should always be aware of your surroundings wherever you decide to reside, including all areas of New York City. Dangers lurk everywhere with muggings, rapes, kidnapping and other crimes. Be cautious when going out after dark and never do so alone. Do not accept rides in an unmarked “taxi” which should be a red flag. Avoid opening your resident door to any unwelcome guest. Thieves and robbers lurk anywhere you go, looking for valuables such as IPods, Tablets, fancy cell phones, jewelry and of course money.

Many people down on their luck may approach you with a sob story and ask for money plus other panhandlers will frequent street corners looking for handouts. New York City has crowded streets with pickpockets and swindlers, most often working in teams. One person will cause a distraction while the other is going through your pockets or purse. Although crime can happen anywhere at any time, you do want to live and enjoy your life; you just need to be more observant and take some safety precautions.

Safety Tips to Consider

New York City is a beautiful land of opportunity, lavished with crowds of people of all types and personalities, both the good and the corrupt. You don’t have to live in fear but be vigilant when out in public or if someone invades your home surroundings. A few safety tips can help you to avoid some of the perils lurking about in NYC, such as:

• Refrain from late night activities unless with a group
• Don’t show off your fancy phones, cameras, IPODs or other electronics that can entice robbers
• Always be aware of people around you and any unusual followers
• Note anyone around you when using an ATM and keep on-hand cash flow at a minimum
• When shopping, walking in crowds or in the subway, always keep your money in front pockets plus hold your purse held close in front of your body
• Avoid walking down side streets and any short cuts, especially after dark
• If you feel you are in an uncomfortable situation, head to a police officer, a business owner or other official that can help you
• Do not travel business districts after dark when everything is closed
• When walking sidewalks, avoid walking close to buildings with dark doorways and beware of alley ways
• On the subways, ride in cars that are more populated and use exits with more activity
• Never open your door unless you are sure of who is on the other side and always keep windows and doors securely locked

Police report that New York City is relatively safe in recent years with the most common crimes being pickpockets. Just keep a sharp eye as to those around you and follow a few safety tips as listed to feel more secure while enjoying the beauty, arts and culture of the big city.

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