There is no place like New York City

There is no place like New York City...

There is no place like New York City…

New York City is special city with its own energy that you can't feel anywhere else in the world. Actually you should live in “Big Apple” at least couple years to feel advantages of how amazing feeling is to part of this city.

New York is so big and so different city. It would be hard task to write everything in this one post, actually even write a book wouldn't be enough to describe a city like New York City.

There is no place like New York City because…

People of New York City

People of New York City

People of New York City. It's eight million stories out there… People in NYC are different. Most people who lives in NYC are there to “MAKE IT BIG” or “see the world”. So, they are open-minded about meeting new people or doing new things. Everyone is part of the city and creating his own energy of the city. So, you can feel a different social energy by which side of the city you stand.

It's amazing how in such a small area of land fits so many different cultures and lifestyles. Music, fashion and culture are everywhere you go, there are plenty of museums, theaters and galleries, so you can easily find some cultural attractions for yourself. It's like a series of little neighborhoods, each corner has its own cultural style and citizens.

It's a huge diversity. New York is the city which has biggest ratio of newcomers and old timers in USA. New York City has numerous South Asian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, South American, African and European emigrants… You can walk a street and hear ten different languages… From rich Wall street stock brokers to poor street cleaners. And it's not only about money, it's about race, religion, sexual orientation and so on… So, it's doesn't matter who you are or what interest you, you can easily find people like you in this city.

New York is a city of opportunities. Its doesn't matter who you are a musician, an actor or a banker, the possibilities of NYC are endless. Of course it doesn't mean that in New York City everything comes easy .. Like in Frank Sinatra's song “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”. Actually, you can be inspired by so many people following their dreams to make it big in “The Big Apple”. Everything is up to you!

Central Park view from the plane

Central Park view.

Lots of Parks in New York City. At first sight looks like that New York City is a concrete jungle but its not true. There so many parks than in any other cities  From such a big parks as Central Park to smaller park like Madison Square. By the way Central park isn't the biggest park in New York City, it's only in 5 place by size in the city. So, everyone can find a lovely place for themselves.

New York is a city that never sleeps. It's operational 24/7. The city is partying all the time. So, you don't need a watch in this city. There are a lot of bars and nightclubs with different public, so you can choose which place fits best for you. Everywhere you go, there are young and old people. And time doesn't matter you can find everything in this city anytime. For example if you want to eat a sushi at 4a.m. you can do it and after that take a subway home. The subway runs 24 hours. By the way even Jay Z uses subway :)

Everything is close to you. For example if you live in Manhattan everything is just a short ride away.

There is no place like New York City…


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  1. One of my dream destinations is New York! I hope some day have the oportunity to visit the City that never sleeps!
    Mean while I’ll be readin your blog :-)

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