Top 10 Christmas Movies Set in New York City

New York City is the place where a lot good Christmas movies have been filmed. Christmas in New York City one of most wonderful times of the year and you can feel that emotions if you watched any movie from this Top 10 Christmas Movies set in New York City. I like to watch this type movies before Christmas because it boost my emotions and it makes me better.

So, decided to create best movies list and I want to share with you the best Christmas Movies. It’s just my opinion but I think you really find something interesting from this list for you or your family.

1. Home Alone II: Lost in New York City

HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York City

Home Alone 2 is one of the best Christmas movies for family. So, in this movie Macaulay Culkin is lost again but in New York City. I love this movie because there you could see a lot of New York famous places like Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel. So, in this movie you can see how Christmas vacations looks in the Big Apple. In my opinion this movie is perfect classical Christmas movie. I definitely recommend it watch it for everybody.

2. The Family Man

the family man - nicolas cage

It’s a very good movie about a man which one day wake ups after night dream and understands that family is one of the most import things in life.

3. Serendipity

Serendipity Christmas movie

4. Scrooged

Scrooged Christmas movie

5. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally Christmas Movie

6. Elf

Elf Christmas movie

7. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

8. Actually Love

Love Actually Christmas movie

9. You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail Christmas Movie

10. Alfie (Remake)

Alfie Christmas movie

So, what is your best movie? Share it in comments 😉


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