New York City, Manhattan Darkness Photos After the Storm

What the zombie apocalypse will look like in New York?

What do you think about empty New York? We used to see this city with crowds of fast moving people. We know that phrase that “New York never sleeps”… Looks like New York City sometimes sleep… Can you imagine totally empty Manhattan without people in the streets? It looks scary, right? Especially if you see movie like “I am legend”. So, I want to show you “The Trash Lab” team project “Empty America”. This team is creating time lapse videos of USA cities. And here is a video of NYC. Actually, in this video you can see what the zombie apocalypse will look like in the Big Apple.

I bet it's really hard to make a video of city like New York without any people in the streets. How many hours does it take to create video? Do you have any ideas how did they do that? Manhattan looks like wiped out.

By the way you can find more videos about cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle at The Thrash Lab channel in Youtube.


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